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Monday, March 21, 2011

Malaysia Boleh!

As a child or as a young adult, I looked up to leaders with a blind faith. What with their greying hair, they were father-figures to me. I think this role has not changed for our young people. A leader therefore must play the role of a good father.

A good father loves his children and teaches them what is good for them. When a child goes astray, a good father wants to save and he saves by punishing what the child is doing. And it is only the just who will be saved.

A good leader like a good father will not allow his people to sink into poverty. And he would if he keeps insisting on giving them fishes instead of teaching them how to fish!

When a leader keeps regressing and reminds his chosen people that the land belongs to them, he is enslaving them. History has taught us that this kind of thought represents only the first phase and if we holdfast to it, what’s happening elsewhere can happen here, too.

We should be ushering in a new age, one heading towards authentic civilization where we can create a network of more human relationships and true human progress. We are all Malaysians and we must believe that we are equal. There is no justification for our society to leave all the capital in the hands of owners so that most of the workers cannot benefit from the riches of their own country. We must not allow some narcissistic old frogs (who live under their tempurung) prevent others from exercising their human responsibilities and liberties. We must denounce such double voluntary blindness that continues to keep some of our otherwise capable people in crutches. "Malaysia Boleh" must ring true, not hollow!

It is said that: "To do justice for the meek was and continues to be the first function of sovereigns." So, leaders, be like a good father, protect the meek irrespective of creed and colour. Affirmative action should be for the marginalized. When an action reduces an otherwise capable person to one who loses belief in himself, it is no longer affirmative!

Guide politics in such a way that there may be fruit to harvest at a given time. We need to destroy "ancient thoughts and structures" that enslave us. Moments of anguish await us but we need to persevere for the sake of our beloved country and future generations. We need to educate the masses that today’s meagre success means tomorrow’s defeat and humiliation. We need to dedicate ourselves to bringing about justice and that cannot happen if we allow ownership of the country into the hands of "an unwise father."

A good leader is like a good father. A good father is like God to us. Otherwise, he is just a mere and arrogant mortal. One, whose days are not just coming to an end but the poor lion may just have to eat hay for his remaining days on earth!

I always thought this is how a good leader should bow out: Know the truth, let your people know the truth. If you truly love your people, set them free. It is the truth and only the truth that will set them free. That should be your legacy.

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