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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Five Romantic Things To Say To Her

Many ways can be applied to maintain the relationship. Among others, by maintaining communication, mutual honesty, openness, respect, and both comply with the commitments.

However, there is one way that it is often overlooked, yet powerful way to create more intimate relationships, which threw a compliment. For women, a compliment, especially from a man who loved to evoke passion and feeling that “he is the one”. But the expression of praise such as “Honey, you’re sexy” or something like that was not enough to satisfy the Eve. Consider the five expressions of praise these women favored

1. “You are irreplaceable.”
This sentence can instantly make women’s eyes glow. Say it with eye contact, make a special person in your life know how to position in your life, and that you appreciate him as a unique individual. Hearing you say it, makes him feel very valuable.

2. “You give light to my life.”
This sentence is somewhat redundant. However, said the sentence showed that a man understand and remember that women who chose to accompany has given his time and energy for the man. This sentence indicates, theman who has been willing to appreciate their partner to share life with him.

3. “You’re perfect as it is you”.
This sentence is able to brighten the days, weeks, months or even years, who lived the Eve. Women will be relieved and calm when knowing that he is someone who is perfect in front of her partner. No more worry about weight that crept up or woman-young and beautiful woman who scattered everywhere, because despite how bad you know, your partner think you are perfect and unblemished.

4. “I like your.. ” (fill with: eyes, hair, hands, feet, etc.).
Do not just say this sentence. Think carefully about which parts of the partner’s body do you like best and say why. This expression can indicate if you pay attention to him until the smallest things and the detail though.

5. “I’m proud of you”.
It is important to provide support for the work or ambition couples. He has struggled to get his dream job, so why you do not say how proud you are to it? No need to wait for big achievement came just to say this sentence. When he could pay his own credit card, complete the course skills, or are trying to get a promotion, let’s say that you are proud of him. Female hearts will melt and every time he “fell”, he will remember this phrase and trying to awaken.

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