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Friday, April 8, 2011


When a love affair no longer make you happy, do not hesitate to end it. You need to say: “It”s over, baby! "

Arguments are inevitable in every relationship. But if the problem is always the same, it’s means something’s wrong. Try thinking, maybe the couple had one trait that can not be changed, but you never could tolerate. If youyou are like this , the problem will continue to repeat throughout your relationship. So, do not waste your time.


Maybe until now, no other man who can make you so flowery. He’s just sooo charming! But as good as any charm, if he is more often makes you sad and disappointed than happy, then it’s not worth it. Better to open a new chapter of your life. You’ll never know who’s out there to love you more!


All the memories with beloved often make women reluctant to end the romance. This makes them so force yourself to undergo the actual relationship is not healthy anymore. That’s so not Cosmo! Remember the philosophy of a fun Fearless Female: Never sacrifice your own happines

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