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Monday, April 4, 2011

You Can Say to Your Beloved

Running out of words to say to your beloved? Here’s a list for you, just in case you forgot what love means.

1.         I love you.

2.         I need you.

3.         We belong together.

4.         You are my destiny.

5.         You are my all in all.

6.         You are my life.

7.         You are my love prize.

8.         You are my treasure.

9.         You are my true love.

10.       You are my sunshine.

11.       You are my theme for a dream.

12.       You are my world.

13.       You are all that I want.

14.       You are forever mine.

15.       You are the love of my life.

16.       You are sweet.

17.       You make my day.

18.       You belong to me.

19.       You are my everything.

20.       You make me feel brand new.

21.       You and I are one.

22.       You are my angel.

23.       You make me smile.

24.       You are my dream come true.

25.       You make my heart melt.

26.       You are all I need.

27.       You are my universe.

28.       You are my paradise.

29.       You make me feel good.

30.       You are my one and only.

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